Re: route from Cherkassy, Ukraine to Manchester, England #general


An uncle of mine kept a record of the family's travel from Katerinopol/Ekaterinopol in the Cherkasy Oblast to a ship leaving from Libau, Latvia.
I guess the travel time and the distance between towns could indicate method of travel i.e. cart, train, etc.
This document was originally written in Cyrillic and is a wonderful piece of family history.
                                      2 June 1923  Departed Ekaterinopol, Ukraine

                                    5 June 1923  Arrived Kiev

                                  11 June 1923  Departed Kiev

                                  13 June 1923  Arrived Moscow

                                  20 June 1923  Departed Moscow

                                  21 June 1923  Arrived Rezekne, Latvia

                                  22 June 1923  Departed Rezekne, Latvia

                                  23 June 1923  Arrived Riga, Latvia

                                                         (This is where they got the passports)

                                  25 June 1923  Departed Riga, Latvia

                                  26 June 1923  Arrived Libau, Latvia

                                  16 July  1923  Departed Libau, Latvia on board ship.

                                  29 July  1923  Arrived Halifax, Nova Scotia
Norm Katz

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