Help make out and translate mystery postcard #hungary #translation


I'm hoping that someone in the discussion group will be able to make out what's written on the back of a postcard and translate it for me; all I can make out (I think) is.  I have been only been able to read the salutation ("Draga Anyukam") and the address: to a Gottfried Davidne (my grandmother) in Also Zsolca, Borsod (County).   Even though it is addressed to "Dear Mother" I cannot conceive that my father (who was a child when he emigrated from Hungary in 1928), his sister (who was even younger than he) or either of his older brothers would ever traveled out of the country -- even Austria.  To my knowledge the only city any of them had visited before they emigrated to the U.S. was Miskolc.  I'm hoping that the message, if it can be read, will explain this mystery.   Also would be grateful if from the parts of stamp and postmark visible anyone can guess when it was sent help me date it.    
Erika Gottfried
Teaneck, New Jersey

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