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Mark Halpern

Hi Lisa:

The towns you mention are Bolszowce and Martynow. Before 1901, both of these towns Jews registered their vital events in nearby Bursztyn. JRI-Poland has indexed many of the records of Bursztyn and other nearby towns. Here is the search that you and your friend should duplicate.

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Searching for Surname (phonetically like) : DITCHEK and
Town (phonetically like) : MARTYNOW
in Stanisławów Wojewodztwo

Number of Matching Records: 19
(Note: Marriage and Divorce records count as 1)

Run on Thu, 30 Sep 2021 20:48:29 -0600

(Note only records associated with a specific location will be plotted)


The results of this search shows 19 records. Maybe three of them are the sister left behind. Also, searching for DITCHEK and town of Bolszowce results in 127 matching entries. Most of the entries for surname phonetically like DITCHEK are from these two towns. Looks like your friend should be able to build an extensive family tree from this JRI-Poland data. 

JRI-Poland also has indexed 20th Century marriage and death records for Bolszowce and Bursztyn that are not yet online. If interested, contact me privately at mark@....

Best regards,
Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Stanislawow Area Coordinator

On 2021-09-30 8:46 pm, Lisa Steinberg wrote:

A friend has asked me to help in finding the three sisters of his grandfather that stayed behind in Europe.
His grandfather and three brothers did come to America.
The family name is Ditchek in as many variety of spellings as you can imagine.
The problem I am hoping you can help me with is identifying the ancestral town in Europe.
In my friend's memory, the family always referred to the town as Martynow.
In 1909 the first cousin to arrive said he was from Bolschowzie, Galicia.
In 1911 a brother to the grandfather said he was from Martynow, Galicia.
In 1915 census, it was Austria.
In 1920 census, it was Odessa, Russia.
In 1930 census, it was Poland.
In 2021, I am very confused! I know nothing of Galicia. Neither Martynow nor Bolschowzie show up on the JewishGen townfinder.
Deeply appreciative of your wisdom and guidance in advance.

Lisa Steinberg, Riverdale The Bronx NY

SHATZMAN (Medzhybizh, Kamieniets Podolsk, Ukraine/Russia)

ROSENTHAL (Parchomowzy (Parhomowce/Parkhomivtsi), Khmelnytskyi, Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine)

SEGAL (Neshchiz, Kovel, Wolin, Ukraine)

ACKERMAN (Brichany, Khotin, Bessarabia) And Yedintz

KUPERMAN/COOPERMAN (Brichany, Khotin, Bessarabia) And Yedintz

CHAYET (Pasvalys, Kovno, Lithuania)

MEYEROWITZ (Kovno, Lithuania)


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