Re: Identifying Ancestral Town #galicia

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

"Neither Martynow nor Bolschowzie show up on the JewishGen townfinder."

The problem is that Martynow wasn't  a big Jewish Communities, and that is what the Jewishgen Communities Database has. Using the Jewishgen Gazetteer, there are about a dozen possible Martynows. Bolschowzie, on the other hand, is a big Jewish community, now Bilshivtsi, Ukraine.

Using the co-ordinates of Bilshivtsi, there are 2 Martynuvs nearby: Stary Martynuv and Novy Martynuv, Old and New Martynuv 8.5 miles away.

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

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