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Michele Lock

On Thu, Sep 30, 2021 at 02:49 PM, Trudy Barch wrote:

This is one of the more interesting passenger ship lists I've ever seen.

The first page is here:

I think the 'Debarred quota (July 31, 1923) might refer to the immigration quotas that had gone into effect, that reduced the number of immigrants from certain countries. Though these weren't as restrictive as those that went into effect after 1924. Next the 'something on appeal' to me looks like 'adm on appeal' or admitted on appeal, so the family must have appealed the first decision and been allowed to enter the US. The later dates might have something to do with applying for citizenship, though I'm not certain.

You can try flipping through the images of the ship list pages, backwards to the first sheet and forward to the last page, to see if there is any other information about this family.

If you go to the second page of this ship list (next image), it says the family is going to Clara's father in Chicago. In column 18, it asks if she's ever been in the US before, and it says yes, then it's typed the year 1917 (though possibly 1905 is written above). 

In the 1930 census, Clara says in column 22 that she immigrated in the year 1905 to the US. The two children born in Japan say they immigrated to the US in 1924.

Did you know that Clara had been in the US before 1923? 

Have you tried looking for an arrival for Clara and her father around 1905 (+/- 3 years or so)? Or looked for the 1910 and 1920 census records for her father in Chicago, to see what those say?

The other records you can look for are naturalization papers for the two children. Those might shed light on when they entered the US.

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