Need help identifying my maternal grandfather #dna

Richard A. Di Lorenzo


I am looking to hire someone to help me find out just who my maternal grandfather was. Here’s a summary:


My sisters and I are in our 70s; and, based on DNA analysis, we are each about 50% Jewish.  Until we were in our 20s we thought we were were 100% Italian. That’s when our mother learned, and notified us, that she had been given away as an infant/baby! A Mrs. Pinto took her in and raised her as a daughter - on the upper east side of Manhattan - this would be 1915. Mrs. Pinto already had a daughter, Theresa, 10. 


Theresa kept a few of the letters that my mother’s birth guardians independently sent to Mrs. Pinto - asking about my mother’s welfare. Based on these letters, which I now possess, and a brief oral history that Theresa ultimately provided to her own daughter Geri: my mother’s birth guardians were a Jewish woman named Anna and an Italian immigrant named Raffaele Beneduce. 


Based on DNA analysis, my father’s grand-niece has no Jewish blood, so I believe my father had no Jewish blood. Thus, my mother must have been 100% Jewish, meaning both of her birth parents were 100% Jewish. I am quite confident Anna was 100% Jewish; two of my 100% Jewish second cousins are her grandnephews, but they have very little info about her.


And, based on DNA analysis, Raffaele’s grand nephew has no Jewish blood, so I believe Raffaele had no Jewish blood.  My conclusion is that Raffaele could not have been my mother’s birth father.


I need help in finding out who my maternal grandfather was. Did he have other children? Where, when, how did he die? Where is he buried?  I would also like to answer the same questions about my maternal grandmother Anna. I have reason to believe Anna, besides NYC, lived briefly in Akron, Ohio; and in Tuxedo, NY; and in Philadelphia; but that she was born in Minsk, Russia.


In I have many many Jewish Matches.  In I have more than 16,000 Jewish Matches! But I don’t know how to “mine the gold” - to figure out who my maternal grandfather was. Who can help me? I am willing to pay. I now reside in Beavercreek, Ohio and Naples, FL.


Richard A. Di Lorenzo

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