Re: Identifying Ancestral Town #galicia

Alexander Sharon

JGFF system was constantly updated and hundreds of new, smaller places were added for the last 20+ years on the researchers request.
Billshivtsi (ex Bolszowce) are listed by 53 researchers for 94 surnames. 
Martynuv Stary (ex Martynów Stary) is also listed in JGFF database with 5 entries (latest entry was made just last month in September 2021)

BTW, In 1896 Bolszowce general population was 3,938 with 2,256 Jews (~57%).
During same reporting year Martynow Stary had 1,260 residents, including 66 Jewish souls, and Martynow Nowy had 595 residents including 48 Jewish people

M.Diczek is listed in 1929 Poland Business Directory as the owner of the General Store in Martynow Stary.
P1503.pdf (

Hope this help,

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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