Re: What happened to my great, great grandfather after he landed at Ellis Island? #usa #lithuania #canada


His name was definitely Nissen (ניסן).  In the Lithuanian Revision Lists he also shows up as Nossel for some reason. :)
All his children's graves have his name inscribed as such (son/daughter of Nissen - ניסן).  Also, my father was named after him and his Hebrew name is Nissen (ניסן), even though his English name is Nathan. Same with Moses' son described above (born June 1895).
Of course, during our research we looked at all Jewish Sagans - especially those named Nathan/Nissen and similar.  Complete blank.

My main request is to know if there is any database or lists (on-line or off-line) of those who died soon after arrival at Ellis Island/NYC - whether in quarantine or not - and, if so, where they are buried.  Of course, any other ideas are welcome as well. :)

Steve Goldberg
Jerusalem, Israel.

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