Help needed to ascertain Blumberg family variant first names #names

Martin Blumberg

Brina Feitelberg

I’ve been trying to track down my 2nd ggm without success, so am trying through her husband, Abraham, my paternal 2nd ggf or my ggf Schmerl.


He  is usually referred to as Schmariyahu or Schmerl.  One of my ancestors, whom I believe to be a son of Smariyahu / Schmerl has Simcha as the father’s name on his headstone.   I am trying to research if Simcha and Schmerl and Smariyahu are variants of the same name in order to verify that this ancestor is a son of Schmariyahu/Schmerl.

Thank you for any insight you can give.


Martin Blumberg

Melbourne, Australia



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