Re: Beth David Cemetery in Elmont, NY #usa #photographs

Lynn Caporale

If someone does go to Beth David with a camera, I have one additional suggestion,

I was there on a quiet weekday, visiting my beloved Grandparents, few other people there, a large silent expanse of graves.

It led me to reflect on the millions of Jews who came here in the years from 1880-1924 bringing their hard work and devotion to family and our communities, enriching our worlds, (In 1924 the Reed-Johnson Act --named for the Republican Congressman and Senator whose bill imposed strict quotas on immigrants from Eastern and Southern Europe —trapped millions in Europe in time for the Holocaust),

So many of these good and courageous people, inspired refugees escaping pogroms and other horrific treatment, who came to the “Golden Land”, now lie there, quietly,

I was thinking perhaps a photograph of that vast expanse of graves would be meaningful,

Lynn Caporale

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