Re: Seeking a publisher to print my family history #general

David Cantor


600 pages in one fell swoop seems like an ambitious target and a very hefty and possibly unwieldy book, would it be better to divide the publication up into time periods, geography, or family groupings?  I realise that this may create cross-reference issues.  I have some experience in publishing one-offs with the likes of Blurb and also self-publishing,

Blurb is expensive but then your family history is priceless, This is where I would start as a test.  The BookWright software is free to download and I have used it prepare drafts that were later self-published.  You will be able to use standard jpegs and you can cut and paste text from Word files. If you find that this isn't for you, it will have cost you only time but the experience will probably be helpful.  This approach will likely help in determining important issues like sequencing and proofing.

Self-publishing, you need a different mindset preparing files that are print-ready for a commercial printer.  It is not like sending jobs from your computer to your ink jet printer.  You will require PDF files created in something like Adobe InDesign.  If the requirement is the same in the US as the UK, every page will need to be a separate file, so that's 600 files numbered sequentially.  I use Affinity Publisher which is inexpensive and very capable, it costs about $65.00 here in the UK, you can of course download it in the US probably for time-limited trial.  As you can guess, the final cost to have your book published commercially will depend greatly on the number of copies printed.

Good luck

David Cantor

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