Re: Seeking a publisher to print my family history #general

Lisa Bracco

I have used Blurb to publish a number of books, including an 8" by 10" hardcover volume on my ancestry.  I was pleased with the quality of both pictures and text.  It is a bit pricey.  The cost for the ancestry book ten years ago was about 55 dollars a copy, and they were only about 160 pages each. Back then, however, you paid by the page.  It may be different now.  I also don't know if Blurb has a size limit.  You may want to divide your work into volumes or possibly reduce the number of pages somehow (maybe smaller size photos?)

Good luck with your publishing.

Lisa Bracco
Researching:  Myszne, Glowacz, Chodakiewicz, Kawkiewicz, Srebrowicz, Kronberg-Poland
Goldhamer, Beder (Bader)-Poland/Ukraine

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