Lipto registers and Mormon records #hungary

Henry Wellisch <Henry_Wellisch@...>

Regarding Jewish BMD registrations in Hungary, I tend to agree with
Maureen and Gyury that Jews in small localities without a Jewish community
organization registered BMDs with the closest organized Jewish community.
Indeed, I think Jews in Hungary during the 19th century were organized
this way.
I think that Linda’s assertion that there may be entries in the Christian
records may be correct for Poland, but I have not heard of such cases in
In my own family my grandfather Simon Deutsch was born in Lebeny St.
Miklos in 1855. Apparently there was no Jewish community there, so his
birth was entered in the newly established register of the nearby Jewish
community of Moson. For the first few years this register was kept by the
local Catholic priest.
Similarly my mother Jolan Deutsch was born in 1892 in Neusiedel am See (
Nezsider) now in the Burgenland, Austria, but formerly in Hungary. Her
birth was registered in Kittsee-Gattendorf ( Kopczeny-Gata).
Incidentally, according to my mother, her father gave her the name
Josephine and she was known under this name all her life. However the
registrar in Kopzceny entered her name on her birth certificate and
register as Jolan and this was only discovered years later. My mother
claimed that this occured because of the Hungarian Nationalistic
tendencies of the registrar.

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