*Re: Lipto registers and Mormon records #hungary

Tom Venetianer <tom.vene@...>

Dear all,

This is indeed an interesting approach to the search I have been conducting
for 3 years *without any results*. However back in the 18th and 19th
centuries, Liptovsky Mikulas had one of the largest Jewish populations in
Slovakia, being a reputable center of Torah studies. As a matter of fact,
several of my ancestors were such researchers and scholars. Still, I will
try to investigate further to see if the registers for this county are
stored somewhere else or the LDS keeps them under a different town. I did
ordered the Christian films to check the assumption that maybe Jewish
registers were done by a non-Jewish notary - quite unlikely, still worth a

Thanks to all and let me take the opportunity to invite all those who are
investigating Lipto megye (county) to join me in this search.

regards to all

PS: I seem to have the same problem others mentioned, namely I am not
receiving my own mails sent to H-sig.

at 26/08/98 - 12:42 -0300, Henry Wellisch wrote:

Regarding Jewish BMD registrations in Hungary, I tend to agree with
Maureen and Gyury that Jews in small localities without a Jewish community
organization registered BMDs with the closest organized Jewish community.
Indeed, I think Jews in Hungary during the 19th century were organized
this way. I think that Linda=92s assertion that there may be entries in the
Christian records may be

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