Re: September 2021 Summary of IAJGS Records/Family Search and Poland microfilms #poland #records


Yes. There are restrictions on images. Not just from Poland. But I cannot find rhyme or reason to it. Some of my Polish villages are accessible from home. Others are not. Odd thing here is -- the villages are all in walking distance from each other ! 
Chicago vital records images also restricted.  
Also, I have attached sources and I have been able to get to the image through the attached source. Also able to view the rest of the film that way!

If your center is closed, the wifi is still on. I have been told I can sit in the parking lot with my laptop and access records that way. Haven't tried it yet!
Anything is worth a try! 

Maryellen Tobiasiewicz
family from: Bielsko-Biala powiat Poland
Gorlice powiat Poland
Lviv Oblast Ukraine

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