Visit to Washington Cemetery: Brooklyn NY #names

Marilyn Robinson

My maternal gr. grandparents, Solomon/Zalman & Rebecca LEVINE were buried in Washington Cem. in the early 20ieth C. I had phoned the cemetery asking for information that would have required looking at their files/records.I was hoping to find out more information about the name LEURIE, which I had learned was in their files many years earlier. At that time, I was told the name but not the context in which it was mentioned--one time I was told that it was in Rebecca's file & another I was told it was in Solomon's.
I  recently phoned them for more information. I had to call more than once because I found them to be uncooperative, refusing to do more than give me basic burial information & plot location--both of which I already knew. I explained that living in Florida made it impossible for me to visit the cemetery to check their files in person and would they please email a copy of their records, offering to pay them for the service---they refused.
So, my hope is that one of you may be going to Washington Cemetery, or lives near the cemetery and would go for me. I would gladly pay you for your help. If so, please contact me directly to make arrangements.
Marilyn Robinson

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