Collection of Lublin Interwar Photos #photographs


In 2010 some 3,000 glass negatives were found by workers renovating the tenement at 4 Rynek Street in Lublin.  The photos were likely taken by one Abram Zylberberg, who resided at that address.  The subjects include individuals, families, occasional and occupational scenes, and organizations, including the Chachmei Lublin Yeshiva, Jewish schools, and Jewish sporting groups.  The photos provide a fascinating and moving collective portrait of Jewish and non-Jewish life in Lublin and its environs during the interwar period. 

The negatives and resulting photos are held by the Grodzka Gate - NN Theater Center in Lublin, a local government cultural institution working for the protection of cultural heritage and education. Yesterday evening, Piotr Nazaruk of Grodzka Gate gave a terrific Zoom presentation, sponsored by the Yiddish Book Center, about the discovery and the photos.  (Perhaps it will be posted on their YouTube channel.)
The photos may be accessed here: (If you use the Chrome browser, it can translate the Polish website text into English.)  Some of the photos may be viewed in a large format by clicking on the various categories on the webpage, but a more comprehensive collection may be accessed by clicking on the caption titled "Glass Negatives Collection -- Multimedia Library."
Some of the organizational subjects are identifiable by signs, symbols, or written legends; however, almost none of the individuals in the photos have been identified.  The collection is obviously of interest to genealogists, and the Grodzka Gate organization would be very interested in learning of any identifications, especially since another of their projects is devoted to identifying and memorializing each of the 44,000 Jews resident in Lublin just before WWII.  If you're able to ID any of the subjects, you may contact the organization directly or contact me privately, and I'll forward the information to my contact at Grodzka Gate.
Shalom Leaf
Chinitz & Lifshitz from Starobin, Lyuban, Shepilovitz & elsewhere in the vicinity of Slutsk
Rabinowitz from Minsk
Glaser, Goldstein, Lowy & Stern from Budislau, Platz an der Naser, Radenin, Tutschap & Wittingau
Natowitz & Susskind from Kalwarya Zebrzydowska & Limanowa
Weitzendorf, from Stanislau, Bucharest, Czernowitz, Vienna & NYC

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