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There is some good advice here, particularly from David Cantor.  Having published two books through traditional, well-known publishers, I've learned a thing or two about publishing along the way. Both publishers did a good job and each had their own requirements before accepting my manuscripts. Publishers are in the business to make money and they weigh very heavily the likely sales of a manuscript against their cost to publish it. For that reason alone, you are unlikely to find any legitimate publisher willing to take on your project, which is quite massive and will have limited return on sales. There are plenty of "vanity presses" out there that will take your money to publish your work. They are out to turn a quick buck and less concerned about the quality that I know will be important to you. Therefore, I strongly advise you to stay away from these businesses. There are several self-publishing companies that do a good job and for additional fees can assist with some of the technical challenges associated with your manuscript. However, unless you are tech savvy and can easily learn all about publishing formats, book trims, types of paper, and much more, be prepared for a lot of frustrating times. I too suggest that you give serious consideration to Nina Schwartz's offer.  I'm sure she would be willing to provide you with samples of her work and make smart suggestions of what is the best way to proceed. One important point that must not be glossed over is the editing portion of your manuscript. The manuscript must be thoroughly scrubbed before you proceed with publishing.  There are several online grammar programs you can purchase that are helpful. is one of the best, but it doesn't replace professional editing by a qualified individual.  Keep in mind there are different levels of editing and that editing is much more than someone checking for spelling errors.

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