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Richard Stower


My maternal g-grandparents are also buried in Washington Cemetery. I live in Maine but plan in the near future to visit family grave sites on Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and New Jersey. If no one has done the favor for you before my travels I would be happy to ask for the information.

The cemetery office's refusal raises a question about a similar experience I had at Mt. Ararat in Queens. A few years ago I located my maternal grandfather's grave online at Mt. Ararat. I was attending the burial of a cousin at the adjacent New Montefiore Cemetery. The Mt. Ararat people directed me to my grandfather's plot location I had gotten online. My grandfather, was estranged from the family (I never met him) but it still was a surprise to find him in a family plot with unrecognizable names and no stone with his name. I went back to the office, they looked in the files and found that he had been disinterred from that plot years earlier and reinterred in another plot elsewhere in the cemetery. I asked if they could give me information about the family plot from which my grandfather was disinterred and why he was. I was told the information was confidential. I asked if I sent the cemetery an enclosed letter to the family would they forward it so I could get some information about the disinterment.  They said they would but I never heard  back, either from the cemetery or the family. I will make another attempt when I make my cemetery tour.

So my question: does anyone know if there is a law, a cemetery policy or a family request that might deem cemetery files "confidential"?

Thank you.

Richard Stower
Yarmouth, Maine
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