Re: *Re: Lipto registers and Mormon records #hungary


Tom Venetianer wrote:
Dear all,
This is indeed an interesting approach to the search I have been conduc=
for 3 years *without any results*. However back in the 18th and 19th
centuries, Liptovsky Mikulas had one of the largest Jewish populations =
Slovakia, being a reputable center of Torah studies. As a matter of fac=
several of my ancestors were such researchers and scholars. Still, I wi=
try to investigate further to see if the registers for this county are
stored somewhere else or the LDS keeps them under a different town. I d=
ordered the Christian films to check the assumption that maybe Jewish
registers were done by a non-Jewish notary - quite unlikely, still wort=
h a
Thanks to all and let me take the opportunity to invite all those who a=
investigating Lipto megye (county) to join me in this search.
regards to all
PS: I seem to have the same problem others mentioned, namely I am not
receiving my own mails sent to H-sig.
at 26/08/98 - 12:42 -0300, Henry Wellisch wrote:
Regarding Jewish BMD registrations in Hungary, I tend to agree with
Maureen and Gyury that Jews in small localities without a Jewish commu=
organization registered BMDs with the closest organized Jewish communi=
Indeed, I think Jews in Hungary during the 19th century were organized
this way. I think that Linda=92s assertion that there may be entries i=
n the
Christian records may be
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I'm not sure that this will make you feel any better, but as I
understand it, the Mormons only deal with the State Archives in
Slovakia. Therefore, if the record books that interest you were not
filmed by the Mormons, that means that they were not in the State
Archives. They could be in a regional archive, or in the town itself and
never transferred.


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