Identify Ancestral town in Latvia abandoned 1893 #latvia

John Yaffe

My great grandfather was Abraham Yaffe (1835-1892)
He lived and worked in a one industry Jewish factory town 30 km NW of Riga, near a Latvian Naval Base.
The  factory was a Jeans Factory / Uniform Factory, and the Latvian navy was a customer.
Around 1891, the Russian Empire took over the naval base for its strategic value over the Baltic region. 
Abraham YAFFE was killed at the town well in 1892 during a pogrom.
He left behind his wife Rachel Friedland (1842-?) and a family of 6 sons and 2 daughters. 
The family fled to Dvinsk within a year or so as the town collapsed.
The only names I know for certain, are those who ended up with in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada where I reside.

Yeshia (1875-1930) rabbi
Max      (1879-1949)  taylor
Louis    (1881-1943)  taylor
David    (1883-1957)  taylor (my grandfather)

The boys were urged to leave Latvia before they were drafted by the Russian Empire at age 18.  So they did.
I believe the Ancestral town name was a short name beginning with "D"

I am looking for birth and marriage and offspring details for the rest of the immediate family.

John Yaffe

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