Re: Education of an arendar or farm manager,19th c., #general #lithuania

Renee Steinig

Another book of possible interest is Gershon Hundert's The Jews in a
Polish Private Town: The Case of Opatów in the Eighteenth Century. It
is available online, at . In
particular, the chapter on "Jews in the Economy" (pages 46 to 68) may
shed some light.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Paul King <pauledking@...> wrote:

<<Education of an arendar. Since a large percentage of Jews were
arendars in Poland from the 17th c. through to the 19th c., there was
an accretion of knowledge both within the family and communally as to
what was entailed in being an arendar. Of course, reading and writing
for bookkeeping purposes was essential, but management of labor,
networking for the purchase of agricultural equipment and marketing of
wares or produce were among the key skills required and acquired. For
excellent commentary on Polish arendars, I suggest M. J. Rosman, The
Lords' Jews: Magnate-Jewish Relations in the Polish-Lithuanian
Commonwealth during the 18th Century, and Hillel Levine, Economic
Origins of Antisemitism: Poland and Its Jews in the Early Modern

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