Chudnov Researcher for Goltzman Family #ukraine


I am looking for a researcher in Chudnov ( who can help me find records from 1900 to 1943.  My newly discovered second cousin, once removed, is a child of the Holocaust and I am helping her family identify who her parents were.  She remembers her mother's name was Tzilia.  From DNA, I know she is related to my Goltzman family.  The other names that are matching in DNA and Chudnov are Reimer, Izes, and Solomon.  I have made connections with US based descendants of these families, but what I really need are records from the time period when she was born and her parents were married.

I have potentially identified the mother on Yad Vashem as Tzilya Goltzman.  Conversing with the descendant of the testimony writer uncovered that the death information was based on second hand knowledge, and whether or not Goltzman was her married or maiden name is unknown.

I would appreciate information on where the records that I need are located, if at all, and if there is a knowledgeable researcher in that area who can do a search for me for these documents.

Thank you,
Marlise Gross
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

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