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Stefano Groszy <steven@...>

Stefano Groszy wrote:
I bought this book at SOS ANTIKVARIIUM Vaci utca 73.
Total pages 424. Starting at page 209 you find the 3906 names'list.
If you are interested I can send you all the pages with names via
To give you a sample I write below a couple of names with their own
-Abeles Andorn=E9 tisztviselo, Gyor.Auschwitzban volt deport=E0lva =E9s=
Chemnitzben szabadult fel. Szuleit =E9s f=E9rj=E9t vesztette el.
-Abelesz Ign=E0c borkereskedo, V=E0c.A 101/7. sz=E0zaddal teljes=ECtett=
munkaszolg=E0latot =E9s 1944-ben V=E0gfarkasdon a nyikasok elhhurcolt=E0=
k az
eg=E9sz sz=E0zadot,csak ketten menekultek meg.Szulei,feles=E9ge, 2 gyer=
3 huga =E9s 12 nagyb=E0tyja haltak meg.
I would very much apreciate if you or anyelse could translate both
title, introduction and what is written above bound with the two names.=
Ciao, Steven.
Dear Debbi you find above the message I sent to Louis Schonfeld,
concerning the same book. Ciao Steven - Milano, Italy.

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