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You have often wondered what records have survived, whether you have researched all available records, and how or where to access scattered archival sources. To that end, Gesher Galicia is pleased to release the expanded Record Inventories accessible to all from our website.

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This tool allows Jewish genealogists to search for archival sources related to the former Galicia. The current focus is on the archives in Poland and Ukraine, complemented by smaller archival collections in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Israel pertaining to Galician Jews. The inventories cover more than 10,000 unique archival units (or files), with the numbers continually growing.

The answers to the “Frequently Asked Questions” provide information about the inventories and how to optimize your searches.

What is the purpose of the record inventories?

The record inventories have been developed to assist family history researchers with several tasks, such as: (1) how to survey archival sources from across a number of archives and countries, (2) how to identify specific types of records, (3) how to find whether or not the records are searchable (i.e., indexed), and (4) how to access their scans, if available.

Who should use the record inventories?

Anyone interested in the Jewish genealogy of Galicia. Searching is simple and adaptable to individual needs. In brief, you may discover which records have been indexed by one of several genealogical organizations; which records have been digitized; and which records have neither been indexed nor made digitally available but can still be found in the archives.

How to use the record inventories?

You can search for the records by the town’s name selected from a dropdown menu. If needed, you can further narrow your search by using one or more additional filters: for example, defining the range of years; searching for a specific type of record; or using other criteria. The search results yield details about each unique archival unit.

Can the search results be saved?

Yes, the user can save the listing of known archival records.

Can the record inventories be searched by the person’s name?

No. This is not a search engine for extracting information on specific persons. Even so, the inventories results will identify the organizations that have indexed the information (e.g., Gesher Galicia, JRI-Poland, Jewish Galicia & Bukovina, or JewishGen, etc.).

Why is my town of interest not listed?

There may be several reasons: The place was not in Galicia; no records survived; none have been found to date; or none have yet been entered into the inventories. In the case of small villages, Jewish records could have been registered in a larger town (relevant for vital records). Alternatively, you may have an incorrect name for the locality.

Are there gaps in the record inventories?

Yes, new records are continually discovered or become publicly released in line with local privacy laws. We also plan to add other known archival collections and to introduce corrections where required. Therefore, please check the site often as this integrated tool will be periodically updated.


We thank Paweł Malinowski (GG IT Manager, Warsaw) and Liliana Serhejczuk (GG Researcher, Kraków) for their tireless efforts to make the inventories of Galician records available.

We hope you will find the Record Inventories helpful in your research. Please direct your future queries to info@....

Dr. Andrew Zalewski
Gesher Galicia, Vice-President

Tony Kahane
Gesher Galicia, Research Coordinator

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