Contacting Oheb Shalom Cemetery in New Jersey, USA #usa

David Ziants

I posted this almost a month ago on Jewish Genealogy Portal on Facebook, concerning contacting Oheb Shalom Cemetery in New Jersey, because their grave search engine has not been working:-

They give a phone number, and a two hour window on Wednesdays where they say that there will be someone in the office, and a kind lady in NJ tried to contact this number then, but no answer. Neither have they yet answered my emails or contact attempt through their web form.

Does anyone have any contacts in this cemetery - or know what the situation is? (It is understood that during the sukot festival they would not be have been available for non-emergencies but we are well after that now.)

My specific need is that I am trying to obtain a grave stone photo of:-
as well as other family members. Am especially interested to know who the father of Harry (maybe Hershel in Yiddish) was as I am trying to ascertain whether he (and his descendants) are my family.
Many thanks ahead.
Searching ZIANTS, ZENETSKI (became SCHLOSBERG and BLOOM), ISMACH (became DAVIDSON and OSMAN), FRIEDMAN, ALPERT from Bialystok, Narewka, Bielsk

David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel


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