Re: Any users of Mac Family Tree here? #general


Hello Jonathan:

I have used MacFamilyTree for several years and recommend it. We all have our way of doing research, and this is what works for me. I I do most of my research on Ancestry, but use other sites as well. I manage several trees and build them on Ancestry. Then I create a GEDCOM file and import each tree into MacFamilyTree. The latter has many more options, than Ancestry, for presenting, organizing, displaying, printing, and publishing trees. For printing the tree, I created a high resolution file on MacFamilyTree, and downloaded the file to a flash drive. Then I went to Staples with the flash drive, and had them print a large size of the tree on card stock. The person I worked with attached the sheet to foam board, and sealed a protective plastic layer on top--all for about $30.00. I attached the finished product to the wall using 3M Command Strips. It looks great, and the cost was so much less than going to a frame store for mounting, matting, and framing with glass and wood. Two other things to know about MacFamilyTree: it's integrated with FamilySearch, so you can do research in the app, and the app offers free hosting of a family tree Web site. I don't use FB, so I can't comment on the user group.

Good luck.

Mike Levy

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