Re: NORDHEIMER Family of Memmelsdorf in Unterfranken #germany

Reuven Mohr

Ralph, in case this is of interest:
in my file is a Jette Nordheimer, b. 30 jun 1825 in Memmelsdorf; she died there 20 feb 1888; (I have no ancestors, and nothing more on the Nordheimer side, only for the Gunzenhauser side)
she married David Raphael Gunzenhauser/Gunzenhaeuser from Binswangen, son of Rabbi Isak Hirsch G. 1851 in Ebensdorf;
I have one son:
Moritz G. b. 8 aug 1852 in Memmelsdorf; d. 31 jan 1917 in Memmelsdorf;
married to Dina Hessdoerfer from Ottensoos. probably they had more children

Reuven Mohr

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