Searching in Zaklikow (Poland) #poland

Wendy Griswold

Dear friends and cousins,

at my wits' end. I have a 92 year old second cousin by marriage in
Uruguay who is begging me to find out something about his mother and
siblings from Zaklikow circa 1900. I don't find anything on JRI that
looks promising. I assume that whatever records may exist are not on

He has found out that the records about his siblings were sent ca.
1944 to Kielce (Sandomierz office, according to my cousin).

Anyone know how to write there and find out if there is something on his family?

Suggestions welcome.

Wendy Griswold, Pittsfield MA
Searching: Galicia: Blitz, Pfeiffer, Rothman (any spellings)
Nowy Sacz area: Einhorn, Wenzelberg, Shifuldrem (any spellings)
Ekaterinoslaw Dwass (any spellings)

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