Help deciphering a civil wedding certificate, Johannesburg (1936) #southafrica


This is my Great Grandmother's civil wedding certificate.

I am trying to find out more about the Rabbi who officiated (surname - Woolf, first name unclear, perhaps Wm. denoting William?) and to identify the synagogue in which the marriage might have taken place. Does anyone have any information pertaining to a Rabbi Woolf, who officiated marriages in Johannesburg in the 1930s?

Help deciphering the address listed for my Great Grandmother would be helpful. It looks to be in the Yeoville suburb of Johannesburg, but I can't read the rest. It may give a clue as to the likely shul in which the marriage would have taken place.

The Race/Ras is also listed as E - does anyone know what this refers to in civil wedding certificates in South Africa at that time?

With thanks,

Matthew Owen.

London, UK

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