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Renee Steinig

Whatever's entered on the manifest is a place name. It has nothing to
do with the family's religion.

It may well have been misspelled, like many places entered on ship manifests.

You might try searching the JewishGen Gazetteer
( for localities
containing the letters ANY. Set the search so it will show distance
from the city of Suwalki and when you get results, search by distance.
Then look through the results for possibilities, paying attention to
the types of characters in the handwritten entry -- for example, there
are no ascending lower-case letters (b, d, f, h, k, l, t).

One possibility: Zwierzany, Poland.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY


David Rosen <rosens@...> wrote:

You can find the Nov 3, 1908 New York ship arrival for this family on The name is indexed as Janos Nakstutis. Unfortunately
the handwriting on this list does not make the place of birth any


Geoffrey Makstutis wrote:

... I've got a copy of a ship's passenger list with a group that
shares my surname (and, apparently, there are DNA links). I'm trying
to figure out where these individuals are from. This is the page
showing the passenger list:,57/5-60_M&start=151&pers=&ankunftshafen=New%20York&abreisehafen=Bremen&lang=en

The individuals (a family) are lines 104-109. The 'State or Province'
as Suwalki makes sense (a 'county' in northern Poland). Russland makes
sense, as at the time much of this region was within the Russian
sphere of influence.

Jewszany is the part that is giving me trouble. It doesn't appear to
be a city (at least I can find nothing). I've seen 'zhany' appear in
place names throughout Central Europe, so I wonder if 'zany' might be
a variant.

The more interesting part, for me, is 'Jewes'. I'm wondering whether
this indicates that they were Jewish. In my family research, I've
found a few things that point to the possibility that my father's
family may have converted to Catholicism when they arrived in the US,
but I've never found anything definitely points to this.

So, does anyone know what "Jeweszany" might mean? Or where "Jeweszany" might be?

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