Polish/Austrian Jewish or NO? #poland #usa


Hi! I am trying to find out if my Polish great grandfather and grandmother emmigrated to the US to escape persecution for their faith in the first wave of people leaving Easter Europe pre-WWII (they arrived in the US in 1907). Their daughter - my grandmother - was raised Catholic in a Polish neighborhood in Philadelphia, but she once told me that her father read the Yiddish newspaper (delivered to their home). I was very interested by that - where did he learn to read Yiddish? She said that he read it b/c his employees (he was a tailor/garment supervisor) were Jewish. I am not convinced. 

She has since passed but did agree to do an ancestry screening for me when she was still with us. Her results showed 1% Jewish ancestry but have increased since her listing on ancestry.com has circulated. 

Where should I start? Is it possible they changed their faith after fleeing? Are there other stories of this in the US? 

Thank you for any insight and/or direction you can provide! 

Julie Dengler 
Philadelphia PA

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