Publishing a Family History Book #general

David Cantor

A short while back, a member sought help with regard to publishing a family history book of some 600 pages.  I cannot remember who it was and I have been over zealous in clearing out my emails.
On reflection, there were many comments including my own about the hazards of self-publishing and I have been wondering if the original poster gave up heart or took the advice to take up the offer from Nina Schwartz.  Either way, it would be good to know the route taken (I may have missed it)
If the project is still in limbo, this is what I would do.  This list is not exhaustive but it is the basis for a framework

1. Break down the project into manageable segments - perhaps 4 or 5 separate editions - you decide.
2. Put the relevant files into separate folders on your computer, Edition 1, Edition 2, etc, etc - have a robust backup regime.
3. Get the BookWright free software from Blurb and watch their tutorials.
4. Practice on Volume 1 until happy with the result.
5. Create a low-resolution PDF file for proofing - this is unsuitable for printing.
6. There is no commitment until the book is uploaded to the Blurb web site, if you are still not sure, the draft will be deleted after a shortish period but you will still have the project on your computer.
6. Decide on the cover type and paper quality (go for the best you can afford).
7. Before ordering the book, it's possible to purchase a high quality PDF that could be printable at home but I see no point in this unless to distribute digitally at low cost to family members.
8. Look for discounts on the Blurb web site, they are frequent and can range from 25% - 30% and occasionally higher.
9. Order a copy of volume 1 and if happy - proceed to Volume 2 and so on.

A reasonable level of computer literacy should be adequate to achieve excellent results.

If all this fails, hire a grandchild or Nina Schwartz 

I hope this is of use to the original poster and anyone else contemplating a similar exercise.  I used Blurb for a similar but much smaller project and was delighted with the result

David Cantor

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