Re: Richard Kahn, Bochum , Germany 1890 #germany

Andreas Schwab

The list of Bochum births is here:$File/FB_Geburtsregister.pdf

Richard Kahn was born Nov. 9, 1890 (not Nov. 29). His birth was recorded at the  Bochum-Mitte civil registration office under the file number 1698 / 1890.
You can ask for a copy of the original (Kopie einschliesslich Randvermerke) from the Bochum city archives with the above file number (mentioning Bochum-Mitte)
The address is stadtarchiv@... 
The records are also at the State Archives in Detmold. See also:,%20Ressourcen%20für%20die%20Ahnenforschung%20–%20in%20und%20um%20Bochum.pdf

Andreas Schwab, Montreal, Canada

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