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Dakota Gigout

Hi! I am trying to find my Jewish ancestry but am stuck. Does anyone have information on the following surnames:
I got stuck tracing Bernardine Mary Beckman Artmeier's (1845 Jettingen, Germany - 1921 Indiana, USA) father Herman Beckman. From her death certificate, he may have stayed in Germany? I know there was a potato famine in the 1800's that drove immigrants to the US. I can trace my great-grandmother's family immigration to the states (Heppner) from Bavaria, Germany in the 1840's. 
In the mid 1900's, a fire destroyed our family's farm and, therefore, all records. I did not grow up being told I was Jewish, however, aside from an instinctual tug toward Judaism, and every maternal surname being listed in a Jewish registry, I am unsure if I am Jewish. It is my greatest wish to answer this question, so any aid is greatly appreciated. 
I also noted that in the early 1900's,  John Artmeier (1873-1935) was buried in a Catholic cemetery. I don't know if this has any bearing on religious conversion to Catholicism or, since it was the Great Depression, if it was simply available space. 
Thank you for your time, 
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