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Yale Reisner


After World War II, on October 26, 1945, the new Polish Communist government decreed that all property in the city of Warsaw was being nationalized, roughly 24,000 buildings and many plots of unbuilt land.  Pre-war private owners were not compensated for the property seized.


In today’s Poland, legal processes are underway recognizing the pre-war ownership of those properties.  In light of that, I want to make you aware of the following:


In the 27 October 2021 edition of the newspaper Rzeczpospolita, there appeared an announcement calling on heirs of the following pre-war owner to make themselves known to the city government's Office of Decree Issues.


On 16 February 1949, the city was contacted by attorney Marceli Hufnagel who at the time represented the owners of a building located on Rynek Nowego Miasta, Warsaw, formerly designated as "Hip. 306."


The person who contacted the city back then was Izrael Merker of Rue Berger 21, Paris, France, putative heir to the property owners.   There was no subsequent contact with city authorities.


Anyone with an interest in this matter is encouraged to get in touch with the Warsaw city authorities.  You have six months to make contact with the city and three more months after that to come up with documentary evidence to support your claim.


JewishGen sleuths are invited to help in making this known to the family in question.


Best wishes,


Yale J. Reisner

Warsaw, Poland

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