cemetery in Gyormore #hungary

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Recently my cousin returned >from Hungary with some photos of tombstones =
from the Jewish cemetery in Gyormore.....I'm afraid there isn't too much =
information I was able to get off them, but if someone believes that one =
of these is their relatives, please email me privately (I don't always =
read the whole digest) and I will be happy to send you copies of the tomb=

1. Friedel, wife of Avraham Benyamin Groise, daughter of Rachel, died 25 =
Shevat, Tav Resh Tzadick Vav. (This tombstone was in excellent condition=
, and each line uses biblical verse to speak of Friedel's granduer)
2. Kayla Hergeshstein
3. Michaelah, wife of Yakov Assaserberger, died 25 of Kislev
4. Baruch Lipman, died Thursday, 26 Sivan, Tav Koof (yes, it was a Koof!!=
) Aiyin, Vav
5. Yosef, son of the Rabbi Tzvi Ha-Levi Ha-Gaon
6 Naftali Zinger

All stones were writen in Hebrew. Where there is no date of death indica=
ted, I was unable to read it on the stone.
Sheryl Kastriner
mailto: cyberpass@worldnet.att.net

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