Looking for data on 12thEast transport April 1942 Berlin to Warsaw Ghetto: looking for family #germany #holocaust

Paul Beek

Meanwhile have learned from USHMM (US Holocaust Museum) that following people were
involved in this transport which took place in Berlin April 2, 1942:
Nahme: Gerhard Stübs
SS-Hauptsturmführer and Kriminalkommissar Gestapo Berlin
geboren 17.10.1908  Sastelsitz Krs Regenwalde
The department for Jewish Affairs at the Berlin Gestapo, headed by SS-Untersturmführer Gerhard Stübs :
and his deputy Kriminaloberinspektor Franz Prüfer was put in charge of organizing the transports together with the Department of Jewish Affairs in the RSHA (IVD1). The task of compiling lists of deportees was given to the representatives of the Jewish community of Berlin
As far as known Stübs committed suicide.              "

Who has more data/details on this transport and those names of mentioned Nazi officiers responsible for this transport? Who knows more about their fate after arrival April 5, 1942 in the Warsaw Ghetto? Thanks very much for all replies to help me find out more about what happened to my family after they were deported from Berlin Aprtil 2, 1942: Kaethe Lindenstaedt nee Lesser born Berlin 1887 and her brother Arthur Lesser born Berlin 1888.They lived in Berlin Charlottenburg at Mommsenstrasse 57.
Paul Beek
Delft, the Netherlands

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