Re: Searching for additional information on Moses Wright #bessarabia #romania


So, thanks in large part to the help I've received here, there's been some breakthroughs.

First, the "Wright" surname was originally Reit. As you can see at, outside of the US it is found primarily in Germany and Romania.
Second, Mosche Reit (aka Moses Wright) and his wife, Marian, sailed from Bremen to New York on the Wittenkind, arriving on 8 April 1895. They would settle for a while in Omaha, Nebraska, and then, some time between 1900 and 1910 census, travel to Los Angeles County. Complicating the search was the fact that the name was listed as "Hosche Beit" rather than "Mosche Reit." Such is life!
Third, Mosche Reit (aka Moses Wright) did, indeed, have a brother named Getzel (George). Getzel and Bessy traveled from Hamburg to New York on the Italia, arriving 28 December 1899 with Omaha, Nebraska, as their final destination.
Finally, FindAGrave provides and inscription for George Wright which reads:  "Elyakim Getzel ben reb Yisrael David Wright - 13 Tamuz 5685." So we know that the father of Mosche and Getzel was Yisrael David Reit.

You folks have been fantastic. Thank you again.

Jay Frank 


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