Re: When was the house in Brooklyn built? #usa #general


I too have found the online City records to be inaccurate -usually understating the actual age of a structure- and often by decades. Recommend looking at the online real estate records found at the Columbia University website:
The Real Estate Record: Home (
You will want to know a bit of descriptive information on the property-stories/materials(brick-stone-wood) and the address, etc. You can often find the builder/architect and developer/owner as well as the building permit number which tie into plans at the City building dept. Some of the older historic properties can also be found online in Google searches for specific historic districts using the street address. If the house is in a designated historic district, there may be a write up available with more information.
Too often this process results in the classic vacant lot or total rehabbed facade view when your do a street view in Google. 

Richard Brown
Glastonbury, CT

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