Searching Anna and Frank Cohen, children of Gavril' Kagan AKA Harry Cohen, Camac St., Philadelphia #ukraine #names

David Mason

I want to learn more about adult life histories of Anna and Frank Cohen of Philadelphia.

In the 1920 and 1930 censuses, Anna and Frank are recorded living with parents Harry and Esther Cohen in Philadelphia Ward 32 on Camac St. Harry Cohen was the americanized rendering of Gavril' Kagan, born 1887 in Zvenigorodka, Ukraine, emigrating to Philadelphia in 1903 and operating a tailoring business with his younger brother Danil'/Daniel.

In the 1940 census, Anna is gone (married perhaps?).  Frank is still present, having completed college and working as an Investigator in some kind of social services.  There is also a record of Frank graduating from high school in 1932.   Judging from ages in the censuses, Anna must have been born about 1910 and Frank about 1914.

I am hoping to learn Anna's history after 1930 and Frank's beyond 1940.  I have had much better luck tracing siblings Leon, born about 1912 and becoming a practicing physician with an M.D. from Temple University.  I have also traced Bernice, born about 1922, who became an artist and moved to Virginia. I was able to find Leon's and Bernice's obituaries with references to their spouses and children, however Anna's life after 1930 and Frank's after 1940 remain unknown to me.

David Mason
Culver City, CA

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