Re: military uniforms in family photos #belarus #russia #photographs


Dear listmembers!
I think at the photos the people in uniform should be the servicemen of the  Red Army/communist functioneers of the 1920-ies.
The solo photo: the inscription on the arm band may be partly deciphered as something like the ... (military?) Komissariat... or ... Committee.... Probably this man was the on duty (just according to the arm band) serviceman/collaborator in some Soviet military or Communist institution in the Soviet Union in the 1920-ies. It may not necessarily be the military uniform, but the military style dress of a Communist functioneer/soviet institution collaborator.
At the second photo probably there is the Red Army Commander (Commander - is a Soviet name of the Red army officer before WW2, at that time in the Red Army there were no officers) or may be also collaborator of the militia (Police) or Soviet security service of that period.
That is what I may say.
Igor Holyboroda,
A guide/genealogy and history researcher, Lviv-Lwow-Lemberg, Ukraine.

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