Re: Publishing a Family History Book #general

Joe & Carolyn Hoelscher

For anyone trying to publish a family history book, you are welcome to write and ask me about this process.  I did the design, layout and editing for a family history and genealogy book that ended up being a little more than 1,550 pages.  It was for my husband's family which is huge because they started collecting records, information and photos a long, long, long time ago, and stayed in touch with each other.  They had already published 3 books.  The one I did was their 4th book and they are doing the 5th one now.  Since it is all volunteer except for the actual printing and binding, I did not volunteer again!  There is a lot to discuss and decide about in this process.  I would be happy to provide some info as to the best way to do this with whatever resources are available to you.
Carolyn Hoelscher

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