Re: 1910 English Handwriting Question #translation


Thank you to everyone who chimed in on my question and more (like Jacob's cause of death). Each observation and deliberation adds to the story I'm trying to discover. I'm landing on Eilovitch for now, and there are Eilovitch and Eilovtich-esque surnames in the Family Finder database, so I'll pursue more information with those researchers. Much appreciation for this knowledgeable, lively and generous community!
Paula Fleisher
  • Yanov, Rosenthal, Eilovitch, Epstein (Nizhyn); Kaiser (Kiev?)
  • Salzman (Ekaterinburg); Fleisher (Bar and Berditchev)
  • Mitelman, Teper, Sznabel (Chelm)
  • Zhovtis (Vinnitsa)

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