Looking for Grabel's from Streliska Nowe, Austria, then Poland (now Nuvi Strilyshcrali, Ukraine) #austria-czech #poland

Phil Goldfarb

Hopefully some extra eyes will help me in my search as I know the power of the JewishGen Discussion Group!

I am looking for the family of Manashe Grabel, I believe born in Streliska, Austria around 1857. He had at least one son named Efrayim (Americanized to Frank) Grabel born in 1883. I also believe that Menashe had a sister by the name of Rebecca (Rvka) Grabel also born in Streliska. Rebecca married a Yitzhak Mostel (who became Isaac) Mostel  and they had several children. One, named Israel Mostel (1873-1946) was the father of Samuel "Zero" Mostel of Fiddler on the Roof fame.

I am specifically looking for Menashe & Rebecca's parents names as well as the wife of Menashe.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Phil Goldfarb
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