Free book with more than 50 testimonies from Jewish survivors from Belgium #holocaust


In April I published the book ''From the Children's Home to the Gas Chamber, and how some avoided their fate.''
It is a book about Belgium with a focus on the stories of child survivors. I conducted interviews with these survivors (born between 1923 and 1943), resulting in about 50 testimonies that feature in this book. The survivors talk about their lives prior to, during, and after the war. Many survivors lived in Belgian orphanages during or after the war, including the following orphanages: Meisjeshuis (Antwerp), Tiefenbrunner, Wezembeek, Aische-en Refail, Baron de Castro (Etterbeek), Les Moineaux (Uccle), the orphanage at the Lange Leemstraat (Antwerp) and the orphanage at the Generaal Drubbelstraat (Antwerp), also known as Manaster orphanage.

If you would like to receive a free digital copy of the book, you can send me a message and I can send you the PDF-file of the book. The book is also available on Amazon:

Reinier Heinsman
The Netherlands

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