Issac LAZAROV-Widower, late 19th early 20th, U.K #united kingdom #israel

Yonatan Ben-Ari

According to family lore my great great grandmother, Gittle
ABRAMOWITZ, married , in a second marriage (or third?) an Issac
LAZAROV( spelling unsure) a widower from England sometime during the
latter part of the 19th century and/or early 20th cent.
Supposedly this gentleman had 8-10 children with his previous wife and
came to Jerusalem, where Gittle lived looking for a "shiduch" (match).

Again, according to the family story, they lived in the relatively new
and upscale neighborhood of Mea Shearim (now known as the ultimate
ultra-orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalestates m). He (or they) were
considered quite "comfortable" financially.

Another version of this story states that Gittle left Novarodok with
four young orphans on the way to the USA. After a stopover in England
(Liverpool?) she met an Englishman and travelled with him to New
Haven, Ct.,(I do not know where they married in the U.K. or USA).
Interestingly there is a LAZAROFF family in N.H. who are in the
jewellry business , which is similar to Gittle's trade (silversmith).
The little indirect contact that I had with the LAZAROFF family in
N.H. were not aware of the above stories. Whatever the real story was
the descendants of the LAZAROFFs would not be blood relatives with our

If the above sounds familiar to anyone , I would like to confirm the
above family story. Tia.

Yoni Ben-Ari, Jerusalem

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