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What was the named used on 19th century European death records for Tay-Sachs.

Thank you for any and all responses.
Susan Miller
Pekar (Rozhiv, Kiev, Ukraine)
Davidov (Pushelot, Pumpenai, Lithuania)
Dorman (Rumsiskes, Ziezmariai, Lithuania/Obukhiv, Kiev, Ukraine)

Extract From Wikipedia
The disease is named after British ophthalmologist Waren Tay, who in 1881 first described a symptomatic red spot on the retina of the eye; and American neurologist Bernard Sachs, who described in 1887 the cellular changes and noted an increased rate of disease in Ashkenazi Jews. [6] Carriers of a single Tay–Sachs allele are typically normal. [2] It has been hypothesized that being a carrier may confer protection from tuberculosis, explaining the persistence of the allele in certain populations. [7] Researchers are looking at gene therapy or enzyme replacement therapy as possible treatments. [2]

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