Ellis Island Wall of Honor #hungary

Robert & Sarah Klein <hamoreh@...>

Dear H-siggers,

I'm sure most of you know about this site, but just in case, I thought it
best to post it. Through this site I just now found long lost relatives
that my father and I have been looking for ever since we began our
genealogical expedition.

The tricky part of utilizing this website is that there's no mention of who
had the honorees listed. The solution is to call the correct office at
Ellis Island, to give whatever information you got >from the website, and to
ask them to tell you the names of the donors and the town and state of
residence (they won't give out addresses and phone numbers, understandably).
At this point you have two possibilities. One is to send a letter to Ellis
Island and have them forward it to the correct people. The other is to get
on Yahoo People Search, or some similar search engine, and find them that way.

If you haven't checked this site out recently, definitely take a look. Bear
in mind that many of the donors do not have internet access, and therefore
the Wall of Honor contains a different database than other ones which rely
solely on internet contributions.

Be forewarned--this site can be miserably slow at times. Be patient.

The @ddress is:


The phone number of Ellis Island is:


Their address is:

Ellis Island Foundation
52 Vanderbilt Avenue
New York, NY 10017-3898

Yahoo People Search's @ddress is:


Good Luck!!!


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