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Susan Rosin

JewishGen Press is proud to announce our 131st title:

The Growth and Destruction of the Community of Uscilug (Ustilug, Ukraine).
This is the English translation of Kehilat Ustila be-vinyana u-ve-hurbana.

Originally published in Israel in and edited by: Aryeh Avinadav


Project Coordinator: Mitch Fahrer
Layout and Name Indexing: Jonathan Wind
Reproduction of Photographs: Sondra Ettlinger
Cover Design: Rachel Kolokoff Hopper

Hard cover, 312 pages with original photographs.

The region where Ustilug is located has changed hands many times throughout
history. Sometimes part of Poland, sometimes Russia, and presently as part
of Ukraine, the name of the town has equally changed about as many times:
Austile; Austiller; Ostila, Ostilla; Uscilug; Ustile; Ustilug: Ustiluh;
The Jewish residents of Ustilug lived in peace for many generations,
raising their children to continue their forefather's traditions.
World War I, and the after effects of it, were terribly destructive to the
Jewish community of Ustilug, whose fortunes plummeted, and many residents
were forced to move away. But over time, the situation improved, and the
town thrived, until by 1935, Ustilug's mostly Jewish population had reached
approximately 4,000.
And then on the morning of June 22, 1941, everything changed when the
Germans bombarded Ustilug heavily as war broke out between the Soviet Union
and Nazi Germany. By October, 900 residents had been killed, and by
September 1942, all of the Jews of Ustilug were gone.

This Yizkor book contains many first-hand accounts and personal remembrances
of the survivors and immigrants from the town and serves as a fitting
memorial to this destroyed Jewish community and bears witness to its
destruction. May this Yizkor Book serve as a memorial to all the victims of
the Shoah from Ustilug.

For the researchers, this book contains a wealth of both genealogical and
cultural information that can provide a picture of the environment of our

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Susan Rosin
JewishGen Press Publications Manager

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